SoftServe Awards 2018

SoftServe – is one of the leading Ukrainian technological companies.
It empowers enterprises to accelerate solution development to compete in today’s digital economy.


Since 2010 SoftServe rewards its best employees.
Our goal was to create an animation ident for the SoftServe Awards 2018.
It should include an opening title, a screensaver, special animations for each of the 17 nominations and, of course, introducing of the winners. In general, 36 stunning animation videos.

Idea & Implementation

We thought a lot about what does this award mean for winners.
It doesn't come out of nowhere – you have to earn it. So each winner had to overcome lots of obstacles, work hard and compete with other coworkers.
Thinking this way, we came up with an idea of 'winner journey'. The plot is pretty straightforward but quirky as well. It took place in the minimalistic technological environment and looks stunning on a big screen. What else you need to set up the right mood before award ceremony?


Opening Titles


For each nomination, we used the extended version of the scenes from the opening title.


Here is an example of the video dedicated to the winner.

SoftServe Awards 2018

Executive Creative Director: Orest Nykyforuk
Art Direction: Maxym Zakharyak
Design: Oleksandr Stelmakh, Maxym Zakharyak
Animation: Oleksandr Stelmakh, Maxym Zakharyak
Sound Design: Xenia Nema

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